Who doesn’t love a good cuppa!? And there’s no better feeling than soft and healthy skin right!? I have been working in the Specialty Coffee industry for over 3 years now, and have such a passion (and a healthy addiction) for Specialty Coffee and I love the feeling of feeling confident with healthy glowing skin. I was shocked to notice just how much unused coffee grinds go in the waste and thought how can I reduce this?

The next question I asked myself was, how can I roll everything I love into one!? Specialty Coffee, reducing waste, beauty products, all natural ingredients, supporting local, gift giving and making everyone feel amazing about themselves?? This is where Blush began.

Buying gifts for the ones you love can be really stressful and time-consuming. This does not need to be the case! I can offer a selection of natural locally made products, beautifully boxed and even delivered to their door. Give the gift of love.

Caffeine… it not only gets me out of bed each morning, but there are so many benefits of applying it to your skin. With so many nasties in skin care products these days, I wanted to create a range of luxe items (some incorporating caffeine) that are 100% NATURAL so you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin! I love using local produce, supporting local businesses, being environmentally aware and enabling you to bring out the best skin you have. With every year that passes I am noticing my own skin changing and ageing (Waaaaaaa) and only now I’m understanding just how important it is to look after the skin we have. You deserve to take just 20 minutes time out for yourself and trust me your skin will thank you for it.

Wholesale available on selected products.


I can’t wait to make you BLUSH!

Hollie x

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