Coffee Face Mask



Calling all coffee lovers!

Caffeine has so many healing benefits for your skin. When natural ingredients are added to the coffee, amazing things can happen leaving your skin feeling clean, hydrated and radiant. What more could anyone want!?

Made with only pure and natural ingredients, you can be satisfied knowing that you’re putting only skin-loving ingredients on your face and body. This face mask helps to clean, boost complexion, reduce puffiness, exfoliate and pumps your skin full of moisture leaving smooth skin with a blushing glow. With the addition of pure Australian mineral Ivory Clay, dirt and toxins in your pores are pulled out leaving your pores able to seep up all the moisture from the added oils.

Give it a good mix to soften the mask. Then paint the mixture onto your face and neck making sure to avoid the eye and nostril areas. Pick up your favourite book, lay down and relax, leaving the mask to do all the hard work. After 15-20 minutes gently rinse off the mask with warm water.

Repeat 2-3 times a week depending on your skins’ needs.

Ingredients: Fair Trade Specialty Coffee, Pure Australian Mineral Ivory Clay, Organic sugar, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil



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